Monday, August 11, 2014

Take Two

This dress has been in two pieces for FAR too long. Plan A was to marry it up with this long sleeve T after I'd turned it into a tank top

for another summer dress. Once I got it roughly pinned together, it didn't do anything for me:

I tried a few other things in the Ts and tanks to be refashioned tub and came up with this

instead. I chopped the bottom of the tank before attaching it to the skirt, then used the scrap to make a detachable belt. The turquoise tank seems perfectly happy on its own so I think we are looking at win-win this evening.

Details here!



RenataLaura said...

Nice shade of pink and it looks more structured and fitted

soon2bfitjer said...

How did you refashion the turquoise tank top? It is fabulous!

IWOM said...

If you click on the link to my blog you can see the tank refashion -- such as it is.

Basically you just slice up the back of each sleeve from cuff to the shoulder seam on your long sleeve t-shirt, put on the top (if you don't have a dressmaker's dummy) and pull the sleeves from the back up over your shoulders then across your front and tie them in a knot.

I fussed a little to get everything to lie neatly, then put in a few strategic stitches to hold the front in place. I trimmed the ends of the sleeve so the knot is a little tidier but you could leave it lose if you liked that look.

Can't for the life of me remember where I saw this technique but I'm reasonably sure it was a YouTube-ish video....


jenny_o said...

Somehow the pink just does the trick with that print. Good eye.

jennifer elliott said...

I agree with the others ... the pink matches perfectly with the skirt portion. Good eye indeed.

Nina said...

Nice job! Both are so pretty

IWOM said...

Well, that art degree with a speciality in color/colour theory has finally paid off!