Friday, August 29, 2014

Taking It All In

My husband and I had a little get-away this past week, so I didn't have much time to squeeze in my sewing allotment (am I the only one who gets a little twitchy if I don't sew something every so often?). So I just grabbed a couple pieces that only needed minor tweaks.

These boring khaki slacks I picked up secondhand a couple months back, but I never actually wear them. I would if they were skinnies though! And the pale pink blouse I've had for a couple years now, from when I was a bit heavier. All it really needs is a quick re-fit too.

Pink Blouse & Khaki Skinnies - Before

I simply turned both garment inside out and put them on. Then I carefully pinned the side seams of the shirt and the side seams of both legs before extra carefully taking them off again. A few lines of stitches, and I had a new outfit for our vacation!

Pink Blouse & Khaki Skinnies - AfterPink Blouse & Khaki Skinnies - After

Come see me at CarissaKnits for more pics and details!

Pink Blouse and Khaki Skinnies - Before & After


Gema Ensenat said...

They're great- look perfect on you now! And yes...I get twitchy too without sew time!! :)

Joke Vermanen said...

It fit's great! And I'm going to use the tips for my own blouse =D

jennifer elliott said...

Small fixes make all the difference! Nice job!

Andrea said...

Much more flattering! Love the pants in particular...may need to find myself a pair ;)

Andrea EOD

Nina said...

Great tailoring!