Sunday, August 10, 2014

That's a long skirt...

I shortened this skirt just a bit, then added some gorgeous
I found this breezy summer skirt at a thrift store for $3.99.   It was half price day on all clothing, so I grabbed it and a few other skirts to play around with.   It actually fit me with no alterations needed.  WHOA, right?   I wore is a few times, but felt frumpy and unhappy with it.   The skirt was made with three tiers, so I decided to remove the bottom tier, thinking that would be a good length.  It was easy to cut apart, but I was surprised at the remaining skirt portion;  it was quite a bit shorter than I intended.  Whoops….
I had an old tablecloth with a gorgeous crocheted trim in my stash .  The table cloth wasn’t something that I wanted to ever use, but the trim is amazing.  I detached the trim from the tablecloth while watching some TV and then added it to the bottom of my summer skirt.   I love that it gave me a bit of length to the skirt and TONS of pretty feminine detail to this $1.99 skirt.

Now, the bottom of that skirt……  It’s already hemmed  and perfect for adding onto something……

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Amy Jo at The Little Moments


RenataLaura said...

I dont wear skirts shorter than knee length or just above so do tend to skip short dresses, adding the lace or crochet is a good idea! I think it's prettier too

Leslie said...

Hi, the crocheted trim is very pretty- not sure I'd want to see the 'crotched' one! ;)

jennifer elliott said...

Adding lace or some other trim is my go-to when a skirt is a little too short for me. Great job.

Carissa said...

The crocheted trim works so well with the print on the skirt. It's like they were made for each other!