Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three simple and quick refashions

Although I like how the more complicated refashions challenge my creativity and sewing skills, I have a special fondness for the simple and quick refashions. A a few stitches, or a few cuts or a single piece of ribbon can transform a piece of clothing into something wearable in 10 minutes.

Plissé, chiffon, nude. Perfect skirt except it was one size too large. So I took it in at the side.

Great colour T-shirt made from nice soft jersey. But it was designed with a completely open back (hello bra). I cannot think of any occasion, where I would think that it was the right outfit (beach maybe). So I sewed the slit shut.

This high-low skirt felt a bit too short, so I added a piece of lace shelf edging (I think its i makrame'd. It is handmade anyway. I got a big bag of it for free in a charity shop :-o. Nobody wants that stuff anymore).
I went for the "lace slip underneath"-look.

They took 10 minutes max. to refashion each.


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jennifer elliott said...

I'm with you, too! I like the complicated refashions to challenge myself and feel a sense of accomplishment but I also need the quick and simple refashions when I become too frustrated or something. Anyway, I like all three of your refashions. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD