Monday, August 11, 2014

Two Dresses from One Skirt

I got this 2XL tiered skirt from a friend. The blue and purple batik fabric was just awesome, but the elastic was pretty much shot!

Batik Dress - Before

I chopped off the stretched-out waistband and found I had enough fabric to make two dresses - so I did! One for me and one to donate. I cut the skirt up both side seams and stitched each half into its own tube. I then trimmed the back a little lower than the front, added a casing, and inserted some new elastic. Tada!

Batik Dress - AfterBatik Dress - AfterBatik Dress - After

Check out my full post on CarissaKnits for more details!

Batik Dress - Before & After


jennifer elliott said...

That is simply gorgeous! And I love all the accessories you're wearing with the dress. You amaze me!

Cari Frock said...