Monday, September 01, 2014

Big skirt to smaller skirt refashion

Last winter I found a hand made couple skirts at my favorite thrift store. One was a plum color and the other was charcoal. And both were HUGE.

I neglected to take pics of the charcoal one before I cut into it, so just imagine that this purple one is charcoal, since both skirts were identical except for color.

I could fit in here twice!

Using a skirt I own as a template, I turned the charcoal skirt into 2 fitted skirts, one pencil skirt length and one shorter.

Pencil Skirt Length

Mid-Calf Length

There were plenty of scrap left, so I used some to replace the holey toes on a thrifted pair of PJs for my daughter.

New feet!


Nina said...

Love the pencil skirt. Looks like a perfect fit!

jennifer elliott said...

Great job! I love creating more than one refashion from one piece of clothing. Love it.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD