Monday, September 01, 2014

Fit to be tied tank top

This refashion was based on the book Custom Couture, which I got sometime last year. I had fallen for this top idea. After picking out an old tank top and a scrap of fabric, I realized something got lost in translation with the instructions and I had to wing it on my own. Basically you create  a tube, sew it on, add elastic to the bottom. Add a bow.

I just need to pair it with another pair of shorts. The red is not working for me. More info on my blog here!



jennifer elliott said...

Cute tank!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

RanchHouse said...

Do you recommend the book for Refashion ideas? I am always on the look out for idea books?
Mary @ RanchHouse

Claudia said...

Super Idea Lauren !!!

La La Lauren!!! said...

In terms of recomending the book, its a maybe. She had different ideas that I have never seen before. But not all of them I'd consider wearing. I say preview it first, esp because the instructions are not the clearest