Thursday, September 11, 2014

Got NOTHING against the Aztecs....

I decided I wanted to make a pair of ombre bleached denim capris as a wee salute to the end of summer (in my neck of the woods anyway). I found a tags-still-on pair of M&S jeans in a charity shop

from which I chopped about five inches

before washing them in a quick wash and dipping them into a bucket of 1:1 bleach to water.

I left them like this for an hour or so, then pulled them out a bit every hour over four hours. I washed them in the hottest cycle and let them air dry.

Some bits I like. Others, not quite so much:

I should have made sure there were no folded bits each time I pulled the jeans further out from the bleach bath. (In my defence, I was popping in and out of the house while working in the back garden). Lesson learned! I'm considering giving them another beach bath for about an hour in the hopes of softening the edges and I also need to decide on a summer-y design to Sharpie onto the lower legs. 

I'm thinking strawberries in honour of the great crop we had this summer at IWOM Central. I've seen plenty like this with 'tribal' or very geometric designs but don't want to go that route. If you've any ideas, please share 'em! 

The original inspiration can be found here


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jennifer elliott said...

I like the ombre effect ... nice job. I think the dye job would look fantastic on a jeans skirt.

Jennifer, EOD