Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How I made a skirt a one size bigger

I have a new love when it comes to sewing accessories: Wide stretch elastic. It has so many uses.

I bought this skirt on a sale a few years ago a size too small. A size S, and I am not wearing it in the picture, since I looked like a rolled sausage, when I did.
Enter: Stretch elastic.

 After, it fits :) :

The sides:

I am one size smaller at the waist than at the hips, so I made sort of a pleat with the elastic at the waist for a better fit.



Stacy said...

Did you put the elastic only on one side, or both?

RanchHouse said...

Thanks for sharing. This is a great solution to one of my common problems. Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Rennie said...

I love thse kindof skirts it actually looks better with the black part, black lace and tweed are pretty together

Saga said...

On both sides. You can see on my blog how I did.

Unknown said...

Great idea!!

Lovenicky said...

Fantastic job! I used stretch knit to enlarge a too small suede skirt too!