Sunday, September 07, 2014

I love pleats

I am in love. I feel like adding pleated edges to all my skirts now.

I started out with this skirt. Quite nice, but way too short for me. I barely dared to move when I wore it.

I didn't want to go the common route by adding some flowy fabric to lengthen the skirt. I thought, and googled, and pinterested and found this Perfect for me.

I cut the pleated edge 11 cm high and the length 2 x the width of the skirt + 10 cm. 
Hemmed one of the long sides. 
And made the indivdidual pleats 7 cm wide with a 3,5 cm underlay. Ironed and pinned the pleats as i went along.
More pictures of the process and tutorial:

The finished skirt:

More pictures of the process and tutorial:
My blog:


Joke Vermanen said...

This one is pretty!

RenataLaura said...

Very on trend too! Anyway you have the legs for mini skirts too

g.satansbraten said...

Yep, you've definitely 'delicious' legs yet when you feel uncomfy - no way.
Your rescue-idea is BRILLIANT and still leaves chances enough to admire your just as brilliant legs; mighty goodonya!!!
Hi 5 with me, if we both can now agree on this sort of length to be fair enough
a) to be comfy for you
b) to provide leg-fans like me (since my own are rather short and stubby ó.ó ) material for 'the internal mind-cinema' by dreaming behind a set of nice 'competitors' like yours - sorry
No need to feel embarrassed or shy - PLEASE; enjoy this natural wealth and pride of yours!

LG, Gerlinde,
(I AM a woman - honestly !)

Carissa said...

This is so cute! Before it would have been a cute going-out skirt, IF you were comfortable in it, of course. But now, it looks much more grown-up and professional. I'd wear that to work even. Great job!


Penya, An apprentice housewife said...

Awesome! I love your pleats too.

Nina said...

Great job!

jenny_o said...

VERY nice - looks very sharp!

Saga said...

Thank you, thank you everyone. I get embarrassed by all the compliments :-).
You know, I am only 160 cm tall (app. 5'3") and wears a size 38 (US 8, UK 10) and one size larger around the hips.
We don't have to look like models to look good (I am learning also).

g.satansbraten said...

Seeeee, 2 inches 'taller' than I'm - hence: pink
envy ;-) !

LG, Gerlinde
'leg-fan' and danger off: I'm not 'of the other side either' (hubby can confirm; yet we both tend to admire nice and chic dressed legs - sorry)

Andrea said...

Very cute detail, and I'll add my 2 cents and say lovely legs! I'm a big fan of pleats and need to incorporate that more in my refashions, so thank you for the inspiration!