Saturday, September 27, 2014

Legwarmers and scarf from too-small sweater

I liked the ever so soft fabric of this sweater (wool/angora/cotton/rayon blend). I also liked the colour and the pattern, although I thought it was too loud. The sweater was a size XS, and I am a M/L, I wasn't able to squeeze into it.

This winter will be all about legwarmers for me. The sleeves were to narrow to make legwarmers out of, but the front and back had enough fabric for that. I made one legwarmer from the front, and one from the back.

They fit overknee

Or can be worn slouchy.

Inspired by a post here on Refashion Coop (I am sorry, I don't rembember who made that refashion), I made a scarf out of the sleeves (you can see on my blog how I did).


Kazza said...

This type of REmake is what I do with fulled woollen knits from landfill aka Scavenger Style. I love your REfash and would die to find a jumper like this as it's so colourful. Well done +++


Unknown said...

Those leg warmers are adorable! Great job repurposing that sweater.

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Nina said...