Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pants Into Skirt

I've been turning pants into skirts so long that it never occurred to me that everyone didn't do it.

This quickie sewing job is easy and fun!

Mark the length you'd like your skirt to be
Using a straight pin mark the length you'd like the skirt to be with a pin.  Cut a little before the pin.  You can always make the skirt shorter later. 

Cut the inseam including the crotch of the pants
Cut the inseam on the pants.

Trim the pants to the desired length
Fold the pants as pictured

Fold the pants as pictured

Cut excess fabric

Cut the pants into a straight skirt.  Stitch along cut lines.  MAKE SURE TO LEAVE AN OPENING FOR THE SLIT (if you want a slit).  Hem the skirt and embellish if desired. 

Old fabric to embellish shirt.


Step by Step Detail and added skirt making tips are on my blog.


Lovenicky said...

What a fun skirt! Great idea!

jennifer elliott said...

I love taking shorts and pants that don't fit and turning them into skirts! Nice job!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Nina said...

Love the detailing along the hem. Thanks for sharing instructions!