Monday, September 08, 2014

Polka Dot Skirt

Here's a quick, no-sew refashion for ya! Have any jersey knit skirts laying around that you don't really wear anymore? Don't fit, don't like, whatever the case, they can easily be changed up into a cozy piece for fall/spring...depending on where you are in the world right now ;).

I started with this $.27 polka dot skirt. Didn't like it as a skirt, knew that I wouldn't, so it was a definite refashion in the making.

So, I put it on over my head, and started playing with the waist/neckline...closed? Or more open?

I went with open, by simply cutting off the waistband (saved for a future project) and made an off-the-shoulder poncho that is just right for a cool evening.

Pop on by the blog to give me your ideas on if I should leave the neckline unfinished (as-is), or embellish it with ribbon, a brooch, trim, etc...Happy Refashioning!

Little Did You Know


cfortin said...

That is super cute on you Andrea. I would leave it just like it is. Love the idea.

Cindy - Upcycled Design Lab

Andrea said...

Thank you Cindy :)