Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SHIRT REFASHION: to simple cardigan

I’m a warm blooded person by nature. When other people are cold or freezing and dressed in heavy layers, I’m hot and sweaty dressed in pants and a short sleeve blouse. But I love wearing sweaters and pairing my tanks with cardigans. I just can’t wear these outfits to work without thinking I’m entering the initial menopause stage.


Anyway, I found an ordinary pale pink tee on clearance for a few dollars. Although the shirt is a size or two too big for me, I think it will work perfectly as a short sleeve cardigan. I don’t wear pink that often, but again, I wanted to pair a tank and cardigan with my refashioned skirt made from one of my mom’s old dresses.


I'm happy the refashion was simple and I'm happier to add a nice short-sleeve cardigan to my wardrobe. I was a little surprised that the refashion was simple -- easy enough for me to use a needle and thread while watching the Lego movie (everything is awesome!). So, I definitely can see more shirt to cardigan refashions in the future! Yay!

For more details on this shirt to cardigan refashion, click here.

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Jennifer Elliott


RanchHouse said...

Cute Jennifer!

cfortin said...

Nice refashion. I don't were much pink either I upcycled a pink jacket a while back but I just never wear it. Maybe I should dig it out of the closet. :-)

Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab