Monday, September 22, 2014

Silk Skirt Refashion

A couple months ago my favorite thrift store had a bunch of racks outside, with everything on them being sold 4/$1. I nabbed some blouses and a too small silk skirt. Even if it had been my size, I wouldn't have worn it as-is, because it was a midi-length skirt, which is a terrible length for me. It only serves to make me look shorter. :(

But it was a pretty pattern, 100% silk, 25¢, and I have a sewing machine, so who was I to complain about it being too small and too long?

I neglected to take a before pic. (I know, I know, shame on me!) But it was almost identical in cut & length to this Escada skirt.

I ended up cutting it off a few inches below the waistband, hemming the raw edge, and turning it into a floaty silk blouse. I used cotton webbing leftover from a pacifier clip I made for my daughter last year as the straps for my blouse.

Super comfortable too!
I am going to wear it to work with a cardigan tomorrow, since fall-like weather is returning.

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Refashion said...

The striking colours and pattern make this a fabulous top!

Debbie EOD