Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vintage Silk fabric


I found some vintage silk fabric at an estate sale a while back for a couple dollars.  Gorgeous colors, funky print.  SILK!  Love it!  I’ve looked at it for years now, wondering what to use it for.  I wanted it to be used for something “really great”.  Unfortunately, I’m not a “great” sewer and I didn’t want to waste the fabric. I know silk is hard to work with.

This summer, I had a little talk with myself about experimenting and trying out ideas, even if it’s just a learning experience. I decided to cut into the vintage silk.  First, I made a little dress by adding the fabric to a tee shirt.  It turned out so, so cute!  Grace wore it to Watkins Glens State Park this past summer, and these are the only two pictures I can find.  Bummer.

The tiny dress made me happy, but there was still yards and yards left over.  I've contemplated the idea of covering furniture with fabric using mod podge glue for a while, and decided to give it a go.   It felt strange to paint glue all over silk fabric and after it dried it was very scratchy.   I sanded the fabric until it was smooth, then added a protective sealant.  Then I covered an old cork board with the same fabric and put both pieces in my daughter’s bedroom.

WP_20140829_10_02_42_ProI’m happy that I used the fabric in a few different ways, instead of leaving it in my stash for when I’m “good enough” to sew something amazing.  It’s so pretty!  And I still have a good sized hunk of the fabric left for other projects down the road.

Amy Jo at The Little Moments


Carissa said...

I think we all have that one fabric we're saving for "something special" that may never come to be. It's better to enjoy it now! Such a cute dress, and I bet she loves that her room matches it too!


Bailey Mills said...

What pretty fabric! I can understand your hesitation to cut into it. But your projects turned out fantastic!