Friday, September 05, 2014

When a patch is not a patch

First time I wore this three quarter sleeve T-shirt (the first time!) I got a few spots of wine on the front (a nice New Zealand pinot from the South Island). Three washes with three different spot removers did not get the stain out to my satisfaction.

Can't claim credit for the design, which I saw somewhere or another on t'internet recently. The creator's version was brown on brown and since I didn't want to harvest any bits from the sleeves or lower edge, I had to go to the knits and jersey scrap pile.

I think once it's been through a trip in the washing machine and dryer, the stem and leaves will curl up a little more.

Next time I stick to white!



Curtains in My Tree said...

I really like the applique design you put on the t shirt
I like it not curled up.

jennifer elliott said...

Very creative technique to hide stains! Great job!

IWOM said...

I stitched right down the middle of the long stem as well as the leaves: If I don't like how it curls up post wash and dry it wouldn't be any trouble to stitch around each leaf and down each edge of the stem!

We'll have to see!


Andrea said...

Love this idea...I have a few pieces that could benefit from this!
Andrea EOD

Leslie said...

Hi, imaginatively we just call it 'the South Island'. ;)

IWOM said...

I so TOTALLY stand corrected!

Himself and I spent just under three weeks there for Christmas and New Year's in 2007-2008 and did NOT want to leave. Can't wait to get back someday!