Thursday, October 16, 2014

A coat into a cape

Hi refashionistas,

This transformation involves a large maternity-like coat. 

I wished a cape so I took advantage from the large amount of fabric and I turned the coat upside down. I unpicked the sleeves and the collar. I closed the armholes and created new ones. 

I also recycled wrist belts into front closures. Here is the final result:

More photos and details are on my blog. If you like the result you can vote for me here. Till the next refashion, sew well.

Cristina from In the mood for Couture.


jennifer elliott said...

Amazing! Looks so warm.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Sandy said...

Wow! So amazing that you could see the end result from the beginning. Fancy turning it upside down! very well done!
Sandy in the UK

RanchHouse said...

This is very creative. Be sure to go to her link for pics and tutorials. Mary @ RanchHouse

Andrea said...

Too cool for words!!! I love all of your creations :)