Thursday, October 02, 2014

BLEACH BUM: my first bleach project

I finally did it! I summoned my courage and bought a bleach pen to use as craft instrument. Ever since looking at other crafters' designs and bleach projects, I knew I wanted to try it. Remember my pink cardigan refashion? I thought it needed a little something, but I wasn't sure what was needed.


Well, a simple flower design was too ambitious for my first round with the bleach pen. Using the fine tip end, my bleach lines were bubbly and thick -- what the pooh? Was I squeezing too hard? Was I squeezing too fast? I did the best I could to correct the messiness, but in my personal opinion, the simple flower design looked like crap.


I decided to draw another "simple" flower to add a little more design. And wow! My drawing skills are terrible! Simply terrible. Although the second flower looks a little nicer, it's still not beautiful. I'm really glad didn't purse my childhood dream of becoming an artist.


For a good chuckle at my artistic abilities with a bleach pen and this project, click here.

Jennifer Elliott

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jennifer elliott said...

I'm an awful artist.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD