Saturday, October 11, 2014

Easy fix, big difference

First; this post is a month overdue. I posted it on my blog awhile ago, and didn't realize until now that I hadn't posted anything here for September (and my full post) might explain why.
Second; yes, this refashion is somewhat of a rip off. Why always reinvent the wheel? If a blogger shows us his or her great idea, I think it's a suggestion that we try it out! No shame.
Hey, it's another loud, colorful flower dress:
I find the best way to tone down an big, bold print is to use less of the offending fabric. However, Very little material was chopped for the making of this dress.
I did the old "sleeve tie" trick.
You know the one. You pull your arms out of the sleeves and tie those sleeves around your waist. Of course, I'm always leery of strapless. I added straps. 
Ta da. Here's the kicker: it looks like a perfectly lovely summer dress, but with that excess material all gathered up at the waist it was just too warm. I figure it could be appropriate to wear to work with a shirt under of little cardigan over. See more and find out why I looked so sad in my after pics :( 
Thank you for reading, and spoiler alert for anyone who clicks the link: my job situation worked out.


Carissa said...

Sometimes an easy, no-sew refashion is just the thing to pick our spirits up a bit. This one turned out great. I hope you find the perfect job for you! I'm sure it's out there somewhere.


Erica Moody said...

Thank you for your kind comment. I've been way behind and haven't had time to do any writing. However, I really should tell anyone who reads my blog that I was reassigned back to first grade! Told the boss how I felt and got what I wanted!
Yea, one in the "win" column!

jenny_o said...

Erica: It's good you spoke up! Glad it worked out for you.

Beautiful colours in that dress and the back panel is cool.

Lola Nova said...

I love how the neckline looks like a sweetheart neckline, very retro!