Friday, October 31, 2014

FLEECE FIX: Goooo Cardinals!

I've had this wonderful black fleece for about four years -- received it at work during an employees' appreciation fair or something. As soon as the weather turns brisk, I throw on the fleece except when it may be covered in cat hair. Seriously, why is cat fur attracted to black fleece? Argh!


I ran into a former co-worker who wore her fleece jacket long after she moved on from the company and she blacked out the logo with a black permanent marker. Despite the easy artistic solution, the logo and the black scribbles could be seen.


The best solution? A patch! Before I could decide between a Cinderella or Wonder Woman patch, I decided I wanted a St. Louis Cardinals patch. I easily found one for a few dollars online and simply sewed it over the logo. Easy peasy!

See you next season, Cards!

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Jennifer Elliott


jennifer elliott said...

I was kind of sad the Royals lost to the Giants. :(

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Kelley said...

Definitely great patch choice! Yeah, sorry to see the Royals lose it. Oh, well. SOMEbody's gotta lose and SOMEbody's gotta win. Cardinals fans are the greatest though!