Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Homemade Costume Fun!

My kids picked some pretty obscure costumes this year.  I don't usually make their costumes, but this year I didn't have much of a choice.  I did my best to not purchase anything to make them.  I used what fabric I had to make my daughters.  For my son, I only had to buy the fleece to make his cloak, which I luckily found for 50% off on the remnant rack at Joanns.  The rest I refashioned old clothes and used fabric I had on hand.  I will focus on the refashioned pieces on this blog, but if you would like to see how my daughters Dragonball Goku costume came out or see more details on my sons costume, feel free to visit my blog.

My son picked a very obscure character, but I give him props for creativity.  He wanted to be Gaius, a character from his favorite video game, Fire Emblem Awakening.  Gaius is a candy thief, which I thought was very fitting for Halloween.  I really worked hard on his costume.  He is super stoked on how it came out.  Here is the picture of Gaius I used to work off of:

I started with a pair of my daughters old, torn, stained, too small leggings.  

I hacked them up to shape them into his arm bands.  I just cut a hole for the thumb.  I ended up sewing elastic into the top of the arm bands, so they would stay up because they were falling down a bit.

For his tank top I used two of the three shirts shown here:

I cut the sleeves off of the black shirt.  Then cut off the back of the grey and laid it over the top of the black shirt.

I sewed around it and then trimmed off the excess grey.

The back of the black shirt had some writing, which I covered with a strip of grey from the other shirt.

I also made him the vest, cloak, headband, and candy accessories.
Here are some pics of him dressed up:

He LOVES this costume!  He keeps telling me he is going to brag to all his friends about how I made it for him. 
I have received several hugs, kisses, and thank you's from the kids for these creations.  I had fun testing my pattern making abilities making these.  I am so happy they came out as well as they did.  I am looking forward to taking these kids out on the town tonight! 

If you want to see more, click here.

Happy Halloween!!!!


concretenprimroses said...

Wonderful. And he looks great in it. Kathy

jennifer elliott said...

That is AMAZING! I love it!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Saga said...

Your boy is very lucky, that you are able to make his costume.