Monday, October 27, 2014

Little Red Dress to Apron Refashion

I found this little red sundress that I really loved. It was $2.00 at the second hand store and it was like new in condition. 

The only problem was it was really tiny. My size is a XL and this dress is a teeny tiny small. I bought it anyway because I loved it. Not knowing what I would do with it, I hung it up where I could look at it for a while. I find that works really good for me. In my sewing room I have a hanging hook that allows me to study a garment before I decide what to do with it. My idea turned to making the dress into a simple apron that I could wear around the holidays. One day I was shopping around at the kitchen store and I found an apron that looked like a dress that I really liked. It was $78.00, which I found was way out of my apron budget. It was so easy to take this dress and make it into a beautiful halter apron and the total cost was $3.00. Much better than the kitchen store apron. I cut a four inch section from the back of the dress and added a seam finish.

The next step was to add ties for around the waist. It already had a neck strap. I was amazed how easy it was to take such a small dress and make it fit me.

I love wearing aprons when I cook and craft especially when I am dressed up. There is nothing worse than ruining a good outfit from mishaps. You can see all of my refashion on my blog at It took me a few minutes and the results are wonderful.

I hope you can find a little dress to refashion into a functional apron too. It was worth my time.



Michele Reynolds said...

Pretty!! Love your apron:)

cfortin said...

Great idea. I am going to have to remember this I find lots of dresses that are too small for me and I love aprons.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

RanchHouse said...

This would be good to keep in mind for the gift season.