Friday, October 03, 2014

Live And Learn

 I found an oversized denim shirt that I resized to fit me. Only I sewed the sleeves on backward and didn't realize it unil I was out and about wearing it. DOH! Sometimes refashioning is frustrating. 

To remedy this the easy way, I cut off the cuffs and some of the length and hemmed under. Now I have to find another long sleeved denim shirt to add to my wardrobe...


RanchHouse said...

I have the same shirt in my closet. Denim, resized, and sleeves on backwards. Your new version looks great. Mary @ RanchHouse

Andrea said...

Oh the joys of refashioning! ;) Been there, done that! But its a good save with the short sleeves. Thanks for sharing!

Keep in mind that the only label you need to add is your username, J...shirts, etc are labels used by editors only now. Thanks!

Andrea EOD