Saturday, October 18, 2014

One Out Of Two Aint Bad

Both of the shirts had holes in the front and were tossed into my refashion pile. I replace the front of the striped shirt with the back of the blue shirt. I messed the placket part up so I had to make do (which I ended up with the biased ribbing that stretched out too much).  


combined shirts with a funky looking placket. : (
 This will be a shirt that I will wear around the house.


Sandy said...

But I am sure you will know how to do this again! It is a great idea to keep the stripes on the shoulder.
Sandy in the UK

RanchHouse said...

Loft had this same style. I really liked it and thought I would copy it when home. You already did it. Cute!!!

Cassandra Louise said...

That looks great! What a fabulous idea! :-D

Elizabeth Hill said...

I definitely understand being disappointed when a project doesn't quite turn out how you imagined. I've tossed several projects into my "bag of failure" over last year or two.

I think you're idea to combine the two shirts is a great one, and I really like how you mixed the stripes with the solid color.

Can't wait to see what you do next!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Saga said...

Editors, isn't the date on this post wrong? Unless we have a Timelord amongst us ;-).

Carissa said...

J, this is a great refashion! The mix-n-match style is very trendy right now, and I love how you thought on your feet and replaced the placket with the t-shirt's binding. Turned out really cute!

Saga, you're right. That is bizarre. I have no idea how a post could be posted with a future date like that. If it is a Timelord, send him my way - especially if he looks anything like David Tennant!


Carissa said...

FYI, I was able to change the date on the post to approximately when it was actually posted, so it won't stay at the top of the main page for the next two weeks.


J said...

Thanks for fixing the date ....I didn't realize it. I was trying to post ahead but somehow it posted that day.