Monday, October 13, 2014

Rejuvenated velvet jacket

Yep, same picture as in yesterdays refashion. The jacket is a refashion too

An old velvet jacket of mine. From back in the early 00s, when "chinese" style was all the rage. 
When I pulled it out from the depths of my closet to refashion it, I remembered that the sleeves had always been to wide and too long. But I used it in the age BSR (Before I Started to Refashion ;-) ), so it never occured to me, that I could do something about it. Funny how you change, huh?

I shortened the sleeves and turned them into permanently upturned sleeves.
I removed all but two buttons.
I folded the mandarine collar down to make lapels, like on a suit jacket. I secured the lapels with a few stiches.
I went through my ribbon stash and found a piece of brown velvet ribbon. I put it on top of the ribbon on the jacket. It both covers the ribbon and gives the jacket/blazer a bit of equine style.


Refashion said...

I like the "new" lapels and sleeves. The jacket looks much better

Debbie EOD

Carissa said...

I like the idea of simply folding down the lapels, especially with the button holes continuing all the way up it. And the ribbon detail - very cute! I have a velvet jacket in my refashion pile also, and now I've got some inspiration. Thanks!


DressUpNotDown said...

What a great save for that jacket!!!!