Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tartan bomber jacket

When I spotted this blue tartan bomber jacket in a thrift store, imaging me throwing myself at it, like an American Football player at the ball. No, ladies don't do that, I walked rather fast to the rack and grabbed it.
I have noticed tartan jackets in fashion, and I knew that with a few minor adjustments this could be awesome.

My before picture has been lost. Imagine old, worn out, pilled ribbing in a pale, faded sort of bluegrey colour. And matte, cheap platic buttons.

I replaced the ribbing with black ribbing (also at the cuffs)
I liked the jacket so much, I broke my rule no. 1, when it comes to refashions: No additional cost, except for basics like thread and elastic: I bought 9 beautiful metal buttons that gives the jacket that little extra.
They don't show well here because of the flash fades them.

They show better here:


The awesome Popsugar tartan bomber jacket, I drooled over costs $1000, this only cost me 90 Dkr. (app. 13$, 6$ for the jacket and $7 for the buttons).


RanchHouse said...
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RanchHouse said...

I have always liked a plaid jacket. This is worth the extra cost.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD