Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Woolen dress more useful

Wolly dress. I liked it for its warmth, but it had a strange design: When it is cold enough to wear wollen dresses, it is too cold for 3/4 sleeves (for me anyway).
And I needed to wear an undergarment, as the woll was slightly scratchy, but long sleeves didn't look good and T-shirts didn't cover enough.

I cut of the sleeves and the grey edges and hemmed all the raw edges. 

It is still and everyday dress, but much more versatile. Here I wear it with a short sleeve shirt. I can also wear a cardigan over it, I couldn't before.

And the sleeves? You guessed it: Legwarmers.

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RanchHouse said...

Looks like you will get good use out of this now. Thanks for sharing. Mary @ RanchHouse EOD