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Monday, November 10, 2014

Born Natural T-Shirt Funky ReFashion

This is another refashion attempt, yes, attempt (as in no plan ahead of time).

I have a couple of natural hair T-shirts that I am refashioning into something a... little more.  T-shirts with a little pizzazz was the plan.  But of course when you don’t lay your plans out ahead of time...and when you don't you simply grab the scissors to start cutting and serging pieces back together.  When you do this I find you are taking great risks.  What risk of what you may ask, of coming out with something that looks NOTHING like the picture you had in your head when you started, sigh.   But it is done.  

As I stated this one did not come out according to plan, I mean had there been a plan PRIOR to starting.  But no worries, I plan to buy a red one (of course, being my favorite color and all) and start with a well laid out plan and hopefully come out with the picture I started with in my head.  

So here is the T-shirt as it came from Born Natural

So we start with a snip here..

and here...  

 Had to take off the neck of course...

 After quite  a few cuts, I began to serge the pieces back together...

  that's Ricardo my baby!

      So I serged until I couldn't anymore...

Found this little gem in my stash and decided to add it to the mix!

I ended up with this little ditty...

More detailed pictures and step by step details on my blog  ShimmyandMore.

Thanks for checking it out!



KL said...

I am LOVING This shirt! I have a t-shirt that needs this treatment IMMEDIATELY!

Kelley said...

This really turned out CUTE!

Happy week,

Stephsgotit said...

Thanks ladies!

cfortin said...

Great refashion. I love to work with t-shirts now I have something new to try.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Nina said...

what!! awesome. you rock, lady.