Thursday, November 13, 2014

Comfortable Knit Resized

It might be hard to tell in the first two pictures since I'm turned to the side, but this top was too large for me.  It also began its life as a white shirt and was then dyed blue/gray and then red/pink. The color ended up different then what I dyed it because of the type of material lol.  It was a very simple refashion.  I pinched along the armhole and down the side until I was happy with how it looked and then sewed!  It's a very comfortable knit fabric!:) 



Saga said...

Now it flatters you and your baby bump much more.

jennifer elliott said...

So much better! I love the new color!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Kelley said...

You're glowing in your "new" top!

SEW cute!

Happy weekend,