Thursday, November 13, 2014

Enlargened 'bed sweater'

I just had to own this, even though it was slightly felted and too small for me. I loved the pattern, the muted grey and white colourway, and it was 100%  wool = warm.
Also I have a thing for clothing with a history, and couldn't bear for this not to be valued.

It is a sengetrøje. I couldn't find an English word for it, but it translates into 'bed sweater'. It is a traditional piece of clothing, that you would wear over your night gown. The original Scandinavian lounge wear ;-).

I opened the sideseams and the underarm seams and sewed a matching piece of fabric to each side
(See how here: ).

I decided to remove the ties, and use brooches to close it instead. I gives a more clean look.
I wear it with my great grandmothers brooch from her national costume. I think they suit each other.

And since this is modern times, and I have central heating, I will probably wear it as a cardigan, rather than sleep wear.


Anna said...

I. love. it. When you're done with it, send it to me!! ;-)

jenny_o said...

Very nice! We call that a bed jacket in my part of the world - they are no longer common but were worn by ladies that were bedridden due to age or infirmity or having a baby :) I love how you made it bigger and the brooch is a great replacement for the ties.

jennifer elliott said...

I love everything about the refashion! I love the beautiful added stripe and the brooch. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Kelley said...

SEW cute, and it's 100% perfect now!

Happy weekend,