Friday, November 07, 2014

Filling up my wardrobe

A simple run of the mill refashion, but I am in the process of expanding my wardrobe as cheaply as possible (and have been all year). That means thrift store hunting, and lots of little refashions to quickly and easily make my loot nice and usable.

Too large, too long and with a gazilion cheap, ugly plastic "jewelry" at the print at the bottom (hard too see in the picture, I know).
What took the longest in this refashion, was to remove all of those beads.
Then I took the skirt in and shortened it. Bam, into the wardrobe and into use. 

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Anonymous said...

looks terrific.

Andrea said...

You've been killing it lately, Saga! Another great save to help shape your wardrobe :)

Andrea EOD