Sunday, November 16, 2014

Free the Lumberjack Plaid!

The weather is getting cold here in the DC area, and I have had this flannel, lumberjack/buffalo plaid pioneer dress sitting in my refashion pile for a long time (like... more than a year...). I loved it when I found it, and have just been so busy. The weather is perfect for it now, so I decided I would refashion it!

Here is is before- too long, with shoulder pads. Very 90s.

After removing the shoulder pads, shortening the hem, and adding darts to the "under boob" area, I thought it fit quite nicely. However, leaving the sleeves rolled down looked a little frumpy to me, as they are the baggy sleeves with tight wrist cuffs that were popular in the 90s. Nope. :)

Here it is:

The best part? I got this dress for free, and the tags were still on it from when someone bought it (presumably in the 90s)! You can learn more about this dress here on my blog, Em-Provising.


Carissa said...

The red and black plaid is awesome, and your new dress turned out super cute! Great job!


Michele Reynolds said...

Love it<3 Pinning

Nina said...

Love that! You look great

Feeling Kinda Thirfty said...

Super cute!