Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Manley refashion

Sorry for not uploading any messages for the last month... I guess selling of everything you had for the childhood of your kid is taking that long!

But I did manage to do some refashions and one of them is this shirt my husband loves to wear. He has done so for 1 year and it was noticeable in the collar..

I took my seamripper and removed the collar, ironed it and zigzagged it and put it back on the shirt only front side on the back.

It turned out great. Now he wears his favorite shirt again without worrying about showing some sweat!

Greetings from the Netherlands
Joke Vermanen


g.satansbraten said...

Yep, I do this rather frequently as well since the scruffy beard of hubby which looks sooo very cute on him damages the collar insides towards the tips so very fast - sigh.
Would go broke otherwise :-o !
ONE disadvantage with SOME shirts: more care later needed during ironing, since the inside-out used collar on the THEN upperside is rarely fixed to an interface.
When finally worn down and no longer good for business use for him they get done over to all sorts of tops for me. Hence:
a) in our family we're both interested in 'which colour' ;-)
b) I'd chose a 'solid built' husband even second time around since the amount of material of THEIR worn down shirts provides more material to play with recycling for me = joke of the day :-D

Thumbs up, Dear and loving greetings

RanchHouse said...

Many of my refashions are from the guys in the family. My son had a blue plaid that I coveted. It had bleach on it before I got it. But, it is MINE at last. I will remember now to buy what I love for the guys.
Thanks for sharing the collar trick. This is a lot of work. Also think about making collar-less after this side is done.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Joke Vermanen said...

Thanks ladies!
It was not much work at all.
I removed the collar during my favorite TV show. Sewed the collar back on during the break!
And I totally know what you're talking about. I do love all the fabric's my hubby leaves me to work with when he can't wear his shirts.
He states it's not fair I get to wear his shirts for free and he can't wear mine.... lol

g.satansbraten said...

Your last sentence "... can't wear mine ..." I get to hear occasionally from my husband as well - lol
Further he is - basically con-stant-ly - complaining about discrimination concerning shopping-centres catering excessively for women's clothing YET the male department is most times rather of a size to start the search with 'binoculars'.
Scratching my head whilst thinking about this: he's not too wrong, is he.

Susan Chapek said...

My dad was a white collar (office) worker, and my mom used a similar method to "turn" the worn collar on every office shirt he ever owned. Gave each shirt double the life span.

Joke Vermanen said...

I've tried it with some other shirts he owns. But usually the collar has lining attached at 1 inner side. So when you turn it the clean side is not lined and it looks weird...