Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shorter, smaller, narrower

I liked the colour of this blouse, and the fabric was so nice and soft. My fingertips said it contained some wool.
It turned out to be made from organic cotton and wool, and be from a high end boho-chic brand. I like to find such little treasures.

It was too big, though, and tunic length doesn't flatter me.

So I shortened it, shortened the sleeves and took it in at the sides. I will surely use it a lot this winter, it is warm and feels very soft to my skin.


g.satansbraten said...

Well done, yet personally (being a scrooge :-O ) I'd have left it a bit longer for the anyway current 'fashion-burst' of this style and shortened it only a year or so later = shame on me for being like this; sorry.
Since I don't know about your age (and perhaps 'MP-Condition' :-o ) I dare to admit, to have to wear some sort of 'draught-/draft-stopper' underneath those current fashionable 'Hip-Flare-Outs'. A simple boob-tube worn underneath is doing the trick nicely whilst being flexible to be pushed up if hot and not having the boobs unnecessary 'heated' by having to wear a covering camisole.

LG, Gerlinde

g.satansbraten said...

Forgotten to mention that I wear the boob-tube underneath the boobs. Means bra is fair enough for warmth there ^^!

Saga said...

I appreciate your comment, but I don't wear tunic length clothing. I try and try, but they look odd on me, since I am short and have an hourglass figure.
I feel that I look like a Roly-Poly doll in them.

Hourglass figure just isn't what fashion designers design for.

What do you mean by MP-condition? (English is my second language)

Saga said...

By the way, I giggle every time I see your username ;-)

Francine Johnson McGee said...

I love your refashion. I really wish I didn't HAVE to wear tunic length, but my figure dictates I MUST wear tunic length. Some people look fantastic in tunic length, some figures don't do well with a tunic, then there are those like me, who HAVE to wear at least close to tunic length due to a few extra bulges and pounds in the wrong places. I can pull off a shorter top with a skirt, but not with patns. You did an excellent job on making a shirt that really flatters your figure.

Carissa said...

It's much more flattering to your body shape now. What a great piece for winter!


g.satansbraten said...

You're very welcome with your questions; hence:

- MP stands for menopause (at least here in Australia = sometimes ;-) ! ) since we're a mixed bag of different tongues/languages which tends to melt into something quite different eventually ;-). Currently I try to explain to my rather puzzled overseas friends concerning the 'strange version of english': it's Australian - based on English ;-) ! )

- yeah, my username = weeeell-fitting at times ;-)

- your opinion about tunic-length not being suitable for your short stature is puzzling me a bit since I love this length and I'm only 1,56 m myself.
ONLY problem: I have to adjust ready bought items to MY proportional length - than it's fine.
Your next to each other pictures of 'before and after' might give you already a clue about the perhaps 'in between' for you? YOU've got at least a balance of top and bottom - I've got a rather 'jobless Bra' only ^^ + :-D ! I'd look into this fashion again if I'd be you, Dear!

- English isn't my mother-thongue either as my username is probably giving me away. Might see you at your own blog one day - currently I'm better off here whilst checking on other skilled recyclers anyway - sorry,

yet: might indeed see you later,
loving greetings, Gerlinde

PS: Sincere apologies for this way and length to the other readers; thanks.

Nina said...

Excellent tailoring!