Monday, November 10, 2014

Simple Fixes

Over the last week, I've taken care of a half-dozen garments that only needed a little tweaking.

Starting with the simplest and moving up, I had this tank top with a great crocheted yoke and a cute print, but the elastic waist made the top look a little too maternity. A swipe of the scissors was all it took to fix this one.

Grey Print Tank - Before & After

Then there was this plaid shirt that doesn't quite button around my chest, but I'm gonna wear it anyway! All I did here was pick out the stitches to remove the unnecessary waist ties in the back.

Plaid Shirt - Before & After

This boxy tee was really unflattering, but I just loved the neckline detail. I took in the sides to make it more fitted.

Green Yoked Tee - Before & After

This tee would have been perfect... except for the grease stain on the belly. I removed the sleeves and used the fabric to make a little decorative pocket to cover the stain.

Pocket Tank - Before & After

The previous owner of this cozy wool cardigan had apparently snagged it on something. There were holes in one elbow and at the bottom of the back. I shortened the sleeves, cutting out the damaged part and reattaching the cuffs. Then I used a piece of yarn, unraveled from the leftovers, to darn the small hole in the back.

The Darned Sweater - Before & After

And finally, my favorite. The embellishments on this cardigan weren't really my cup-o-tea, and the hole underneath even less so. I used some bits of lace from a previous refashion to create inserts and cut away the fabric where the hole used to be.

Loke-Yoke Cardi - Before & After

As always, more details and photos can be seen at CarissaKnits!


RanchHouse said...

Carissa, This is such a motivation to remember that it can be the little changes that make the difference. Mary @ RanchHouse

1littlegurl said...

wow! I love these transformations! Very inspiring!:)

Refashion said...

Great work, Carissa. I especially like the last one - the lace insert is very pretty


Kelley said...

You've blown me away... Darning the hole with yarn from the sleeves?!? And the lace inserts?!? Really great job, Carissa.

Happy week,

Nina said...

wow lady, you've been busy! keep up the winning streak :)