Monday, November 24, 2014

the WTF skirt

That was the only phrase that I could describe this skirt. When I got the skirt, I did not fully look at the skirt to see the craziness in the design. When I got home my jaw dropped. OMG what did I get myself into?? Seriously!!!!

The skirt had hook and eyes all down the center of the skirt and they were NOT for decoration- they were functional! EEK!!! Then it had an asymmetrical front and back hem! I sewed out the hook and eyes. I will never run out of hook and eyes for the rest of my life because of this skirt. I fixed the waistband and then evened out the hem. Done! Now the skirt is wearable and I won't get any odd looks!

For more pictures and more information on this process check out my blog here.

(btw today is my bday!) Wahoo!


Refashion said...

Happy Birthday! The skirt looks much much better :)

Debbie EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Ooooch, you levelled out the madness of the skirt. O.k., very good job - YET: perhaps you talk to me first next time you find a 'mady' which might be perfect match to another 'mady': ME ;-) !
O.k., jokes aside: well equipped already with 'matching madies', lets stick to the praise: very good job (of buying hooks and eyes cheap as well = fine, I'll do a smack behind my ears myself in your name = for being cheeky :-D )

AND tell me about it: the occasional guesses of how things might have been meant to be worn before amendments are getting started to ease this problem. Means: sometimes one can find strange things!

LG, Gerlinde

Leslie said...

That was a terrifying before. Why oh why? The hem was unpleasant but the hooks and eyes? The mind fairly boggles...

Erica Moody said...

I love it! The "before" looks strikingly similar to a skirt that was my favorite in my early twenties! Mine didn't have that weird hem.
I love your skirts colors and stripes!