Monday, November 17, 2014

Three garments in a chocolate blow!

For me, playing with colour of fabric is an important dimension of refashioning. A decent garment of a wrong colour can sit in ones closet for years and never be brought to its intended purpose. And some pieces that are wrong in more ways than one, we try to make wearable for the sole purpose of their colour.
I had three pieces of clothing lingering around for a while. All of them made of quality natural fabrics, yet disliked and rarely worn due to their paleness. Here is previously pale and now chocolaty trio: 

pale jacket
pale jacket 
pale scarf
chocolate-y jacket!
chocolate-y pants!
Dark-light chocolate-y scarf!

For more information on this DIY (button painting how-to included) please visit Curvy Girl and check out this chocolaty 'manage a trois' refashion!




Refashion said...

I like the transformation to chocolatey goodness :)

Debbie EOD

Nina said...

For real! Who wears white jeans? Lol. Nice save!