Sunday, November 02, 2014

Three sleeve refashions

I am fond of those refashions where you chance a few minor details in a garment and totally change the look or style of it. Here is three of the sort, where I made small changes to the sleeves.

Green shirt. I didn't like the length of the sleeves of this green shirt. I shortened them and gathered the width of the sleeve with an elastic in the hem again.
I also gathered a little of the width of the shirt in the back with a narrow band.

Pink voile shirt.
I shortened the sleeves and sewed the lace from the bottom of the sleeves to the new sleeves edges. I also here gathered the width with elastic in the hem.
I also removed the smocking of the neckline and made pleats in the back. And I made a new button hole and relocated the button.
I like it tucked into a skirt.

Purple shirt.
I lost the before picture of this one, but it had big, wide, pouffy sleeves finished with a wide cuff.
I felt that I was visually drowning in the shirt. The bold pattern was more than enough.
I cut of the cuffs, narrowed the sleeves and rehemmed them. Now the pattern can better "speak for itself" not having to fight for attention with the sleeves.

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Carissa said...

All of them are much more flattering now! I can see how the pattern on the last one would have been overwhelming with big, poufy sleeves. Great job!