Sunday, November 09, 2014

When a skirt rips at the seams.... is time to do something. The waist on this skirt had always been too narrow, and when I accidentally ripped the side seam, the skirt took the desicion for me to refashion it.

I cut off the top part.
Then I completely deconstructed the skirt and rebuilt it again (see blogpost here: ).

I cut the zipper off with the fabric around it, the overlay and that [little piece of fabric with a buttonhole in it, at the top of zippers]. 
When I was about to separate the zipper from that fabric I wondered (out of laziness) I could just sew the whole thing on again. 
And it worked! And i allowed me to preserve the overlay and the buttonhole-thing. It actually looks better than the bare zipper would have.

Finished shorter and waist-fitting skirt.



Carissa said...

I love the print on this skirt! So glad you were able to salvage it!


Nina said...

hehehe lazy ways are the best ways. So good to learn the shortcuts!