Sunday, December 21, 2014

A pink blouse...

... for me!
You may not know it but I don't love pink.
Yes I have a daughter who adores it, but I don't!
Now that you know that.. let's get to the refashion...

I've had 2 blouses for about 6 years now. I've worn them over a t-shirt and a pear of jeans. Loved it. One was white and one was pink.
But somehow my arms never fitted into the sleeves. It bothered me because I loved the cotton fabric, and they were fun to wear.
And now I fixed it!
I removed the entire sleeve, took off the hem of the sleeves and closed the split.
I sewed them back on, but now straight! And double stitched with matching colors of course!
And here's the result.

I now can wear it with a longsleeved shirt!

Greetings from
Joke Vermanen


Julia said...

Me ha encantado tu post, tienes cosas muy interesantes,ha sido un regalo. Te invito a visitar el mio, esta semana nos iluminamos con el espíritu navideño espero que te guste. Ah! Si no eres seguidora deseo que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.Te espero en

Andrea said...

Way to make this more functional!

Andrea EOD