Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A refashioned pleatsskirt

Years ago I bought a pair of pants for my job at the office.
It was in the time I did not own a sewing machine because my mom altered the length.
But the pants are to small for me and sadly... there is a stain on it!
But my mom gave me a new magazine full of patterns for my lovely daughter which had one for a pleatsskirt in it!
It made me so happy because the fabric of the pants is made for it!

This is the pants before:

I used the seamripper for almost all seams! A nice job with a movie!

And this is after! Waistband turned backwards, zipper and button are now on the back.

The happy model!

Greetings from
Joke Vermanen


Bailey Mills said...

That turned out great! Very cute skirt.

jenny_o said...

So, so cute!

RanchHouse said...

Love it when we can create something for our children. Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Nina said...

Sooo cute