Friday, December 12, 2014

A young girl's refashion!

Did you know refashioning clothing is and easy way for a young girl to learn to sew?  My 12 year old daughter made this...
You can read how she did it here on the blog, Skirt Fixation!


g.satansbraten said...

Hurrah - I'm tickled pink to see A. as newcomer representing the next generation here. Well done - reminds me a fair bit of my own start at approximately the same age YET only grabbing Mom's cut offs for dolls dresses.
Hope you two don't mind if I stretch my proud chest about this in your shadow as well.

Aaall thumbs and toes up in admiration !!!
Go A. go - go go go - this hobby/skill will never let you down and you'll be aaalways a winner :-D!

LG, Gerlinde

Andrea said...

Great work on the bag little lady! I am teaching my 6 yo son to sew bit by bit and it's super cool to see him feel so proud of that skill :) Love it!

Andrea EOD

g.satansbraten said...

@ Andrea

Brilliant - looking forward to see/hear more of him in due time as well (excited 'seniors jump' on my side
;-) for this)

Please watch the following blogs for him to perhaps get him more excited:


Despite the latter being German I'm sure Chris will be only too happy to help you with some words of encouragement for your son. Just tell him "Gerlinde said you might be able to help me to encourage my own son doing sewing as well - can I indeed ask you for this favour, please "
I'm sure the worlds happy blog 'merry-go-round' will keep going with this! Go for it, when you feel the need/desire for it - he doesn't 'bite'

LG, Gerlinde

PS: sorry to other readers for the length and 'networking' going on in this connection, YET: THAT's the sense of blogging, isn't it ?
PLUS staying tolerant and flexible towards each others way - not only during x-mass season ;-) .