Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Black Military and Green Velvet

Today I've got a couple quick fit fixes. I picked up this military style jacket from the thrift store thinking I could make it work, though it was a little big and the silver braid on the shoulders wasn't my thing.

So I hopped right in and removed it! Next I unpicked the sleeve hems and the hem of the jacket at both sides. Once I'd unpicked I took in each side from wrist to waist by about 2 inches. All I had to do to finish up was to trim the excess and restitch the hems in place!

Now I've got a fitted military style jacket that is comfy yet stylish. Just a couple of quick changes, but they made all the difference for me. This is my favorite kind of jacket/blazer because it is made with a cozy fabric that feels like I'm wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt, but looks way more put together.

For more details and pics, or a preview of a refashion I'll be posting soon, check it out here!

These cotton velvet pants were a very recent thrift score and though they weren't a perfect fit, I knew that it wouldn't take much effort to make them into my favorite pair of winter pants. First off, they're green...deep emerald or forest green *sigh*. So pretty! And they're pants, which are super functional for work, home, whatever! And don't forget velvet.

They just didn't fit well in the waist or ankles, but both were super easy fixes. I styled the newly altered pants with my cropped kimono jacket and even had a customer ask if I'd bought it there at the store (I now have a seasonal job at a higher end boutique-feel retail store).  I also got compliments on the pants. I love when people think my clothes come from an expensive store ;). 

You can see and read more about the process here.



RanchHouse said...

Thanks for sharing these two refashions with us. What a great compliment when she asked where you bought the top.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Gema Ensenat said...

Love all those refashions ; but especially the cropped jacket - so cute and stylish!!