Saturday, December 20, 2014

Glitter Shoe Make-Over

Hallo meine lieben Refashionistas,

Ich hoffe, ihr seid nicht allzu sehr im Weihnachtsstress und freut euch auf die kommenden Feiertage.
Meanwhile I decided to give an old pair of shoes a make-over. I didn't liked the brown and thought of a sparkling new year's eve outfit. This is what happendend then...

To see the full story I would be happy if you check out my blog!

See you. :)


Elizabeth Hill said...

I've been thinking about glitter shoes a lot the past year or so, but still haven't gotten around to it. Nicely done!

- Elizabeth, EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Nice idea - I just hope, those sparkly sprinkles stay put, put, put on those shoes and don't 'discolour' onto other things?
Sorry, just checking, since I like 'sparkle' as long as it stays put on its original place = hence, I'm the one, even washing x-mass cards with loose sparkle before I start reading them ^^ + :-o !

LG, Gerlinde

PS: Dir auch schoene Weihnachten ohne Stress - so dies ueberhaupt moeglich, da auch so uuunheimlich abfaerbend ;-)

Translation: merry christmas to you as well with as less stress as possible as well ( = that's what she is in 'rough translation' wishing us in her first sentence) despite this seems to me nearly impossible since stress obviously tends to 'discolour' onto others as well ;-)

Nina said...