Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Need some help here....

I refashioned this blouse some months ago and worn it with a colored shirt underneath.
But I'm still not happy with the collar.
Anyone here who has some awesome ideas?

This is before, to wide!

I took some centimeters of the side and the armpit and now it fits like a glove!

But please help me with the collar!

Greetings from
Joke Vermanen


Saga said...

Remove the collar (the hanging down part) to make it a mandarin collar?

Joke Vermanen said...

That's an option but I forgot to mention that the collar part still is to wide.

jennifer elliott said...

Have you ever seen an episode of Modern Family? One character, Cameron, wears button down shirts but the cuffs and the collar have a different but yet complimentary pattern. Just google Modern Family and Cameron shirts for examples. Good luck!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Well, the hard way is always an option:
- collar off

- make neckline for future smaller collar smaller as well. This by perhaps adding a centre pleat/fold or even cutting/sewing surplus width 'out' by going through with a centre-seam. This depends on weather it has got some shoulder-yoke and weather you can accept a seam going through this as well.

- make collar itself smaller accordingly


a) I-I-I-I-I think: you're way toooo young and good looking to wear the blouse as boring as you just try to convince us to do ;-) !
(you can still do so once in 'the box' ;-) !)

b) Leave this neckline-widths and add some 'zing' instead:
- matching low hanging bow-tie
- matching scarf inside = not button the blouse shut

Up to you - just my cheeky '5-Cents'; only 1/2 sorry for this ;-)

LG, Gerlinde

jenny_o said...

Maybe, as Gerlinde suggests, wear the blouse in a different way - maybe wear it open over a tank top or close-fitting t-shirt? The neck size wouldn't matter and it would add some colour.

Gerlinde, your comments always make me smile :)

g.satansbraten said...

@ Jenny (& 'Co.'):
;-) - with greatest pleasure: aaalways at your service for THIS job - despite you just benefitting from a 'birth defect' (= cheekiness by the bucket load) of mine :-D.

Btw. by clowning around off topics already: may I kindly TRY 'serious' for an exception and spread some x-mass greetings around on this occasion, please ?! I'm still blogless - sorry.
A yea, the skidding in to a good New Year you have to watch yourselves - I only cross my fingers for a safe landing there ;-)

Chin up, folks and loving greetings,

Shelley Carr said...

Take a contrasting collar from another garment and swap it with this one. You can even cut down the original neck band to make it fit, but I would pick a bold pattern or color. Maybe a colorful paisley?