Thursday, December 04, 2014

Pinstripe skirt and something extra

A Benetton skirt that fit me nice around the hips, but was way too big in the waist. Also I really didn't like the the wide gussets, that gave the skirt a trumpet profil. But I loved the wool/viscose/elastan mix of the fabric and the look of the fabric.

I removed all the gussets, and stitched the panels back together. Except the one center back, I had plans for that one.

Then I took the skirt in at the sides and shortened it by 6 cm.
And then the skirt had changed look completely. I so love it now. It is comfortable, looks good and is easy to style.

The gusset center back, which is now a kick pleat. Sorry for my bum being so obvious in the middle of the picture.

The blouse is a refashion too, although it is an exaggeration to call it that. The blouse is of a high end brand and was given to me by the prevous owner, because the belægning* kept turning outwards.

So I did my amazing and complicated sewing magic... and stitched it down with a few stitches.
"Refashions" like that make me think about consumerism, about people's lack of basic sewing skills, and make me even more convinced to teach my son the basics of sewing, so he doesn't think anything of sewing buttons back on.

* My dictionary didn't know that word. It is the fabric that you stitch to the neckline to finish and strengthen it. It is on the wrong side of the finished garment.


g.satansbraten said...

Thumbs up - including for the 'heavy/difficult' job with the blouse = bargain-miracle! Sometimes I'm amazed how helpless and docile some people can be and suffer something the like without ANY attempt to rectify the nuisance before they throw things out/pass them on.

Concerning the matching word for the blouse-job: "interfacing" is probably the closest even in my dictionary despite usually talking about the additional foreign material added to bond at least with one side for additional strength.
I'd be interested in the real term as well since my 'different language dictionary' isn't giving me a 'fix and ready' word for it either = I'm calling for HELP here as well to the more advanced ones amongst us, please.
Thanks in advance and loving greetings,

Nanna said...

love the refashion! love how you left a little kick pleat in the back as well


RanchHouse said...

Facing is the term I might use. This post is an example of why I am so pleased that we have this group. I appreciate the opportunity to share my projects and to learn from others. Full refashions are a great creative outlet for those with experience, but can be a challenge for beginners. One benefit of refashion is that there are projects for all levels. I have sewn for many years and learn something new each time I complete a project. Mary @ RanchHouse

RanchHouse said...

Adding that both of your projects turned out very nice. Thanks for sharing. Mary @ RanchHouse

g.satansbraten said...

@ RanchHouse

Thanks for your help concerning the professional term we were looking for.
You're right: blogging is a bit like 'self-help-groups': teach, inspire, cheer and and and.
Old story: together we're strong(er) :-D !

LG, Gerlinde

jennifer elliott said...

What a great refashion! Love it!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD