Monday, December 01, 2014

Plaid & Velvet Cape Coat

I pulled these beauties out of my craft closet this weekend - an XXL black velvet blazer given to me by a friend and a green and black woven skirt from a clothes swap. The plaid and the pleat on the skirt just screamed, "I want to be a cape coat!" to me, so a cape coat it shall be.

Green Plaid Cape - BeforeGreen Plaid Cape - Before

Basically, I turned the skirt around backward so the pleat was in the back and put it together with the yoke and button bands of the blazer.

Green Plaid Cape - AfterGreen Plaid Cape - After

It was actually a lot more involved than that, so stop on by CarissaKnits if you want to hear/see more!

Green Plaid Cape - AfterGreen Plaid Cape - After

Green Plaid Cape Coat - Before & After


Gema Ensenat said...

That is just amazing! Incredible job, totally inspired... :)

Refashion said...

Lovely cape. It looks perfect for winter

Debbie EOD

Lovenicky said...

This cape is so awesome! Thanks for the idea!

Sandy said...

Wow, that green and black weave is sooo much better as a cape than the skirt.
Sandy in the UK

Ninutschka Karenska said...

I love your refashions carissa :) I love Capes this autumn and this one is gorgeous :)