Monday, December 22, 2014

Ruffle Removal

I've gotten into the habit of buying clothes mostly based on the pattern of the fabric, not based on the cut, because I know I can fix the fit later. This shirt, I was hoping would need no help, but I was wrong.

The ruffle at the bottom of the shirt hit me in the worst spot. The ruffle made the bottom of the shirt the widest part, and it happened to hit me at the widest part of my hips. It was so unflattering that I didn't take a picture of it on me. It seriously made my butt look a mile wide. EEK!

Unfortunately, just removing the ruffle didn't fix it. That made the shirt too short. It barely hit below the top of my jeans. So I took a few inches of a nice black knit, cut the shirt into two pieces, and stuck the black fabric in between. I am thrilled with the finished product! The length is perfect, and the black panel has the added, but unintentional, benefit of making my waist look smaller.


Sandy said...

Well done! Almost looks like one of those obi belts.
Sandy in the UK

Nanna said...

great save!


Andrea said...

Really great save! Very flattering :)

Andrea EOD

Amy Jo said...

Wow! That looks great on you! I should do the same to some of my shirts. I love the belted look without actual belt.

Nina said...