Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A little refashion project of ours needs your vote!

Hey there fellow refashions, we need your help!  We refashioned 2 white shirts (one from Daddy, and one from Mommy!) into this cute little top. (No before photos, but you know what a plain white t-shirt looks like!!)

And we entered the whole outfit into a sewing competition and made it to the top 10!  Now we need your help...this is the last day for voting, and we (Skirt Fixation) are very behind in the vote!  So we'd love it if you had a few seconds to click on this link, scroll down to the end of the post, and vote for Skirt Fixation...that's us!  
And to see the rest of the photos we took, including the fun bubbles and the amazing reflections, see our post here.
Thanks, you are amazing!
Audrey & the gals at Skirt Fixation

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RanchHouse said...

Cute skirt. Good luck in the contest. Thanks for sharing.

Mary @ RanchHouse EOD